August 29

Health and Wellness All About Living and Loving Life to the Fullest – Dana’s Story


Hi, Dana Plus Greg here I am Dana.

Thank you for coming to my health and wellness page to get to know who I am.   I started this page to help others to find a fit for their health.  Let me first tell you about me and how health became important to me.

Many years ago I went through the loss of a daughter at birth.  Dawn Elizabeth received her Angel wings on September 30th, 1983 before we even got to hear her first Cry or see her first smile.  What happen?


We do not know, even science could not figure it out.  As a young couple with a son and then the loss of our daughter we were very concern could I have any more children?   After a year I was really starting to wonder, but it happen I was pregnant.

Scared to death and excited at the same time wondering would I go another 9 months and would the past repeat itself.   Fortunately April 24th, 1985 came, our second child, was a boy. Our world was complete now with 2 healthy boys.

Then in 1986 my husband became very ill around the Holidays we thought he had the flu no big deal just trying to keep the rest of us from getting sick. Holidays past and he got to feeling better but not himself 100% because he was having a nagging headache that just would not stop even with medications.

Then the Doctor told him it was…

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