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Emotions – “There Is Nothing New Under The Sun”


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There’s Nothing New Under the Sun…

Under Sun

Why do we always struggle with finding answers to trying situations in life?

Usually when a problem pops up depending on how devastating we perceive it to be. Our mind does what is natural, it kicks into over-drive running a thousand miles an hour.  It believes there is some kind of threat to our existence.

Our mind is funny like that because it can’t distinguish the difference between real or imaginary, so it looks through past experiences to make its decisions on how to react.

In the cases of unpleasant situations and problems even though there’s no real physical harm involved the mind will interpret it as a threat.

This is when the real problem begins.

The mind perceive harm and it automatically sends signals to the brain to release emotion chemicals which immediately begin to spread throughout your entire body creating disruption in all areas of this finely tuned machine.

When this happens your problem has just compounded exponentially. You not only have the problem to deal with but the fear, anxiety, and frustrations that your emotions have triggered.

Now you feel there is no hope, the whole world is collapsing around you. Your emotions are screaming you need answers and you need them now!

There IS Nothing New Under The Sun…

…There IS an Answer to Every Question.

It’s time to learn how to discipline your emotions and the most productive way to do this is STOP!

That’s right STOP, now Acknowledge that emotions have taken control of your mind. The next step is to verbally tell the emotions to back off that they have no place in your mind. Somehow when you verbally say something your mind pays attention especially if it’s a command.

Acknowledge – Command – Listen

Once you have acknowledged your negative emotions and given them the command to leave it’s time to listen. This is very IMPORTANT because the answer is on its way!

Now I’m not saying by doing this it’ll work right off the bat it may take some practice but it’s a start to disciplining the mind.

The late great Steve Jobs said it best, “Have the courage to follow (listen) to your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

Well, there’s just one step to working your way through a bad situation.

I hope this helps but I’m sure you have other great steps that you are using.

So why not share them with us in the comments and give us more fire power to discipline emotions.




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