Uncertain About Your True Self-Identity Because You’ve Built Your Entire Life Around A Mirage

When ever things aren’t going well you ever ask yourself, who am I what is the purpose in life?

Uncertain about your true self-identity because you’ve built your entire life around that special someone, family, friends, work and it’s left you unfulfilled?

Has it become a crisis and now you’re stuck with no clear direction in life? Most identity crisis are very real and can not only cause confusion in making life decisions but can affect your health as well. Depression and stress are usually caused from these types of situations.

It’s time to take control of your life and start living it on your own terms. I’m not talking about forgetting those you love. I’m talking about fulfilling your destiny and leaving a legacy that will not only change you but the world around you.

Just think about it, if you can harness the power within you and make your life better what it will do for those that look to you for guidance and direction. Everyone will benefit from your self-improvement not just in the present but the future as well. That’s what you call leaving a Legacy to the world.

I know you’re struggling and have problems that seem to be unsurmountable but you need to understand it’s not your fault. That’s right it’s not your fault you haven’t been taught how to make the right choices in your life to succeed. It’s not really anyone’s fault because it has just been discovered over the past decade or so why we have become who we are.

It’s all about knowing your true self identity and why you make the choices in life that you make. Will knowing this make a difference? You darn right it will!

Anytime you can understand the origin of a problem you have the battle half won. You can begin to correct the things that need correcting by making the best choices that suit the situation. Then you can look forward to going on with your life on your own terms.

So how can you unleash the true self-identity that lies dormant within your being waiting to bust out showing the world and everyone around you who you really are and what benefits you have to bring to humanity?

There are four elements that have the power to release the true inner you: * The origin of your true self-identity * Your mindset and how it works * Your body or your life experiences * Your spirituality or your beliefs

These four elements include the ingredients for the building blocks that make up your true self-identity that the world has yet to see. By understanding and applying these basic fundamental truths to your life you will not only discover who you really are but what you should be doing with your life.

In building block #1 the origin you will be introduced to the term fight or flight which you may or may not have heard before. This has to do with the survival instinct of our ancestors when the world was a much less civil place to live.

After years of research science has uncover some amazing things about this fight or flight instinct. It has been confirmed that this is not only a human trait but is found in all mammals on our planet from the smallest of mice to the largest of elephants because this is not a trait but are neurochemicals in the brain triggered by life situations.

These neurochemicals when triggered are released throughout the brain causing a euphoric feelings or feelings of fear, despair and depression. They have dubbed some of these chemicals as happy neurochemicals and others as bad nerochemicals.

There are four main happy neurochemicals which are:

  1. Dopamine – produces burst of joy 2. Serotonin – produces a sense of security 3. Oxytocin – produces the feeling of trust 4. Endorphins – block the perception of pain

As you can see these chemicals play a large part in who we really are and what we should do with our lives. They are literally the foundation of your true self identity.

So if you’re stuck and can’t find direction but you want more in your life and you have no idea where to begin to find yourself then be sure to stay with me for the next discussion about your true self identity.

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