Origin The Mammal Brain And You Have One

Your Life Begins With A Growth Mindset to Overcome Stressful Situations You Encounter…




You may be asking yourself what does having a growth mindset have to do with your life anyway?


Who Am I Right Now?


How do you fix a stressful situation? You first go over all the circumstances to find the cause that created it then you find a solution and you fix it, right?


Discovering who you really are is no different.


Let’s say your car won’t start when you turn the ignition key. The first step you would take is trouble shooting the different components to find out which one has malfunctioned. Once you discover the culprit you either repair it or you replace it.


So why would you think by reading a self help book or taking a personal development course will change who you are? As soon as you are faced with a another trying situation you’ll go back to your same old self. Forgetting that book and advice you just read. Why, because all you did was put a band aid on the problem you didn’t repair it or replace it.


My point is you have to find the root cause of a problem before you can ever think about making any kind of permanent changes. So why are you always struggling with life? The answer may well be there is a faulty component in your own life that needs repairing or replacing. It maybe your belief about something or a negative mindset you’ve created about it.


You maybe saying I’m no psychologist how am I to know what component is malfunctioning in my life. Well the great thing is you don’t have to be a psychologist and you can start trouble shooting the components in your life by simply asking questions like:

Why do I do some of the things I do?

Why do I do the work I do?

Why do I have the friends I have?

Why do I have the attitude that I have?

Do I have a pessimistic or positive out look on life and why?


These are all valuable questions to get your mind thinking about how you have become the person your are.


But there’s another element that greatly influences your outlook on life as well as your beliefs that you probably don’t know about. That would be your Mammal Brain which in most cases triggers these stressful situations you always find yourself in.


So what do you know about the Mammal Brain?


Do you know that when you are threatened or when your mind perceives the presence of a threaten it will trigger the neuro chemicals in the area of your brain called the limbic system to either engage the threat or to flee from it. In layman’s terms this is known as the Fight or Flight Response in life.


But as scientific studies have proven your mammal brain has two other very specific objectives. First it seeks out to dominate because if you are rank by others in a higher status you have a better chance of survival. That brings us to the second objective of the mammal brain which is to survive and pass on your NDA through the reproduction process.


If you take time to examine other mammals you notice that they all have a hierarchy in there pack, herd, band, pod or what ever  their group maybe called and that hierarchy is determined by dominance. You may also recall that we humans have designated these dominating animals as the Alpha Male and Female.


The Alphas are at the top of the hierarchy and all the rest fall into a designated position depending on their status of dominance in the group. Where the least dominate is basically sunned and is on the outside where survival is less likely because of predators. Now what does all this have to do with us?


We all have this limbic system and yes we all try to dominate others. Maybe not as the lower animal change does by fighting but we’re a lot more subtle in being dominate over others





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