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Recent research on our human emotions show that experiencing them on a regular bases creates a peaking spiral that tends to help build up our mental resources.

So even though you need to be realistic about life’s peaks and valleys, it is also helpful to set your eyes on the positive elements of any situation – it is always better to see a glass half full rather than a glass that is half empty.

Everyone has times when anxiety stress enters their lives and it usually comes through a variety of challenges such as loss of loved ones, failures, or trauma in our lives.

How you react to these stressful situations has a huge impact on your physical and mental wellbeing because your emotions take control.

Even though it is true you cannot choose how the results will turn out in principle you should be able to choose your own attitude to what is happening.

Even though human emotions are defined as an intense mental state that arises subjectively rather than through conscious effort and is often accompanied by physiological changes such as feelings you can learn to control them.

Here are 3 steps on positive human emotions you can use to help you start learning how to control these negative thoughts and emotion which continually throw up a road blocks to finding happiness in your life.


  • Step #1 Use A Little Will Power –
    here are 5 strategies you can use to start with to try and control these negative thoughts and emotions.

You may find that only one works or maybe all of them will but try and find the one that works the fastest and is most efficient for you. If none of them work think outside the box and see what you can come up with. Nothing is set in stone here.

Strategy #1 –

      just say

NO or Stop Right Now!

      Keep refusing to think about the negative, continue to say stop now until your focus is redirected to something more positive.

Strategy #2 –

      when you find yourself trapped in a negative snare of thought try to redirect your attention to something else that is cheerful encouraging that will distract from the flood of negatives.

You can try any thing that is energetic and upbeat like watching a funny video, reading inspirational quotes out loud or try doing some mind exercise, even play a video game you enjoy. Science has proven that even a small amount of positive human emotions can work miracles even for the most pessimistic.

Strategy #3 –

      try calling someone you trust that has a positive outlook on life and talk to them about the negative thinking. Don’t let this turn into a pity party though an try to stay focused on positives.

Strategy #4 –

      here’s an easy one that just might work for you. Try writing down all the negative emotions that are crowding your mind and see them for what they really are, “Just Words”

Strategy #5 –

          if it persist and you can’t seem to get a handle on it you can go to our contact page and leave us a message. Let’s see if we can come up with a solution together.


  • Step #2 Take Action Immediately – once you have finally got a grip on the negative human emotions that have been giving you so much stress and heart ache start trying to find solutions to what cause the strain in the first place.

Start making a list of solutions and keep them in a visible place you can see each day, research the internet to see what others have done in similar situations and you can contact me and I will guide you through what ever you’re dealing with at no cost to you, that’s right my services are free no catches.


  • Step #3 Setup Internal Alarm – to eliminate this from happening again or at least to get a warning that it is starting set up an alert system.

You need to know what set off your negative thoughts and human emotions to begin with. Was it certain people, places or situations that got you dwelling on the negatives. What can be done to avoid them in the future? Can you identify the warning signs that set you off? Write these things down so you will notice them when they start to raise their ugly heads up.

Negative thoughts and human emotions are serious stumbling blocks to finding happiness in your life. These steps and strategies have worked for others so I’m sure they’ll work for you if you take action now and don’t give up.

The only way you can fail is if you don’t take action and believe in yourself. You take supplements to detoxify your body to rid it of poisons and harmful chemicals, right?

Then why not use these resources to Detoxify Your Human Emotions You take pills to detox your body, right?

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