Are you afraid of failing and the thoughts of fear keep telling you…

“You can’t build an online business it’s too difficult?”

…well if you think that you need a mindset change


There Are Two Documented Mindsets – Fixed & Growth

People with a fixed mindset believe that talent and intelligence are static, and that they cannot be changed. They see challenge as a negative thing, they avoid obstacles, because they’re afraid of failing and devaluing their self-worth. They think the way they were made determines their success, not how hard they work.

People who have a growth mindset believe that they can change their skills and intelligence through hard work and persistence. These folks persist when they face obstacles, and embrace challenges (because they see them as a chance to learn). They see effort as the only way to master a skill, and they don’t fear failure; instead they see it as a chance to grow.

So how do you incorporate this Growth Mindset as your own?

Here are three steps to initiate the positive growth mindset

Step 1 – The internal dialogue you have with yourself greatly impacts how you think about the world around you. If you constantly tell yourself that you should protect yourself in case you fail, or that you don’t have the intelligence or skills to do something, you know that’s the negative fixed mindset talking. The first step is to recognize that voice, be aware when it sticks its ugly head up in your thoughts.

Step 2 – THIS IS Important: You must acknowledge that you have a choice. You can read about the benefits of a growth mindset all day long, but until you actually move around in the world in ways that fit with the model, you haven’t changed all that much. Start ‘talking back’ to your fixed mindset voice with a positive growth mindset voice, this will further solidify your new ways of thinking, and rewire some of the circuitry in your brain.

Step 3 – Take the positive growth mindset and put what it suggests into action. It will soon become a habit and replace that ole negative fixed mindset you have now. There are definitely more than enough reasons to start the change.


Conclusion: So that’s it for today, but that’s not all because next time we’ll be discussing more in depth Part 3 “the Body and what responsibility it has in creating your solid foundation for a successful online business.”


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