Overcoming Indecision, Doubt and Fears in Life


everything you do creates a mood…


…everything you do influences a certain mood or atmosphere around you, either positive or negative, and that fear is the #1 mind killer of your dreams, your future and living a fulfilled life.


Your actions or reactions to your fears and situations you are confronted with in life forces you to enter a certain state of mind. Everything you say, hear, feel, smell or see affects your mood then your state of mind determines your behavior, positive or negative.


you are the seed that gives birth…


You are the seed that gives birth to that mood or atmosphere that is surrounding you in your life. That atmosphere repels or attracts others because it is either negative or positive thoughts that you have buried in your subconscious mind.


Your mind is like a computer; you put good accurate information in, you get great positive results. When you put bad inaccurate information in, you get negative crappy results


you have the power to alter and substitute…


I know it wasn’t until several years back when the company I was working at closed its doors that I started to realize my full potential and to be perfectly honest I’m still learning.


The one thing I have learned so far though is that there is more to life than what society has drilled into my mind the last 50 plus years.


To realize your full potential is to understand who you really are and what you really want in life then go for it, but our society has brainwashed us into thinking getting an education and working for someone else is being successful.


I say Hogwash to this train of thought, sorry about that…


There are Champions among us, and you are one of them but just may not have realized your full potential yet. Life is full of indecision, doubt and fear and these are the only things holding you back at this time but you can change that.


Are you ready to Wake Up The Champion Within You and start doing what you are passionate about that will begin to change you, the people around you and the world?


Learn how to change what’s going on in your life and help make a difference in this world we live in, it’s your purpose and destiny!


It‘s a fact that every human suffers from some combination of these doubts, fears and life obstacles at one time or another.


  • Stress over money and finances



  • Fear of criticism or not being liked (rejection)



  • Poor health or depression of having poor health later on



  • Loss of love of someone or broken relationships



  • Worry of growing old or aging



  • The fear of Death; the unknown



Which Ones Do You Suffer From?


All other concerns and problems can be broken down to fit in one of these six categories. You may fit in one, two, three or all six of these, I have no idea but I do know this they will hold you back and torture you.


They will continue to torture and keep you from happiness in life until you put the power of the mind in motion and make the decision, enough is enough then you will begin to discover what you really want and how to be successful in your life. So use all this free online life coaching information here to begin making the change.


I know you can be The Champion in Life you were meant to be and overcome all six of the fears and life obstacles.


How do I know this?


…Because I’ve been overcoming doubt, fear and obstacles in my life for the last thirty plus years with the help of my Christian and Spiritual beliefs, Christian Life Coaching Experiences, Knowing Who I Am and through the Power of Prayer.


I also know that you will continue to live a mediocre life and let these life obstacles overcome you unless you take action and put the power of your mind in motion to learn what you really want and how to be a Champion in Life.


Are these secrets of life that you will find here with a Spiritual Life Coach?


Well some may say yes, then some may say no and you will always have those who will say this is a bunch of crap but what is most important is what you say and think.


Here through online life coaching you will continue to study Christian Spirituality, Power of the Mind, Body [Life Experiences], Spirit [Spiritual Meditation], how to overcome doubt, fear and obstacles as well as many more fundamentals of successful living.


All of these play a major role in your understanding of how to find happiness in life and become successful. For the Baby Boomers you will realize now is the time to start changing the world again by becoming self employed and doing your own thing once again.


Listen, I’ve been there, done that, this is the whole purpose of The Unorthodox Life Coach site and Spiritual Life Coaching to explain how to work through the three elements of Christian Spirituality and find Happiness.


Also to guide you in how to use the power of the mind so you can start overcoming fear and begin doing what is passionate to you even during or after retirement.


Age has no boundaries when it comes to doing what you’re passionate about, if you’re “Alive and Kickin” it’s time to take action and do it…


…only then you will become The Champion In Life you were meant to be and enjoy all the successes life has to offer.


I also have learned from my years of experiences that when an individual really desires a thing so deeply that they are willing to put their entire future on a single spin of the wheel to get it, they are sure to succeed.


The reason for this success stems from one important fact; they all realize their life passion before hand and pursued it vigorously with a burning desire.


This has been true in nearly every instance of a successful person, they know their life passion and they pursue it with burning desire, but how do these individual discover their life passion?


Success, happiness and living a meaning life with passion begins with studying and applying the three elements of Spirituality, Mind Body Spirit.


When you begin to focus on your Christian Spirituality you will start a journey with new meaning and direction plus with the guidance of a Christian Spiritual Life Coach you will see what God has in store for you, His perfect will and plan just for you.


One of the first things you must understand though is that these successful individuals are no different than you or I other than they realize that God has a plan for their lives and they eagerly sought it out.


Christian spirituality is much more than a core of thoughts and beliefs you have mentally store in your mind, but it’s about finding and experiencing the ultimate reality, and traveling along a spiritual path toward oneness with God and all life.


Instead of focusing on just the Mind and your thoughts, Christian Spirituality is concerned with the Body [the physical experiences] and Spirit [a level of consciousness higher than your mind.]


Thus understanding the three elements of Christian Spirituality is where you start to get to higher level of consciousness and from this higher vantage point, it fundamentally changes the way you interact with everything and everyone around you.


    • Power Of The Mind – So if you will just get Fired Up! about finding out what you really want out of life the power of the mind will do the rest. Your mind power will literally turn thoughts into reality and give you the life that you desire.


  • Body [Life Experiences] – Life experiences have given you a world of knowledge over the years and whether you realize it or not you have used this knowledge to help form and shape your Who Am I Self Image. They are also the learning process and stepping stones to prepare you for future struggles you may encounter plus they give you an avenue to help others going through the same difficulties.



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