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Your have a default future already set in place that will occur on its own if your life does not change


What If You Could Get Healthy & Debt Free At The Same Time? Would Your Choice Be To Take A Chance?

If I can give one person hope and help them dream again and change their lives, I’ve done my job!

An Extra $500

In 2014 a vision we had for years to live in the foothills of the mountains happen. Not thinking about how would we afford this we just knew the house we owned would sale right off and we would be building new memories at our new home!

Well, that didn’t happen. House sold 1 ½ yrs later.

Hum, how did an extra $500 change our budget when we were paying 2 house payments, power and water???

Having a home base business came into play when the budget really got tight. It helped with gas back and forth to the second home, paid the power bill at the second home, put meals on the table, birthday gifts for grandkids and the children.

With It Works we were also able to pay for our middle son’s wedding rehearsal $1500 when I first started in 2012.

So what would an extra $500 a month do for YOU?

Hey you are here! I am excited because first it tells me you are curious about my link I ask you to check out or you have heard of this crazy wrap that is all over social media you just want to see what I have to say about this company.

In 2012 I had a friend who called me up on the phone so excited telling me she had something no one else has ever seen. I was like thinking, girl slow down, take a breath.

As she was telling me about this crazy cloth of a wrap that could help me loose inches, tighten my stomach and possibly help me lose weight I was like, YEAH Right, you have been scammed.

But I was nice and didn’t say that to her but I wanted too.

Anyhow, I agreed for a visit to my home on a Sunday afternoon. I invited a friend and we both experienced the Crazy Wrap. Wearing this cloth on my stomach for 45 minutes I could feel warmth, tingling and cool sensation which was funky, but felt good all at the same time. My 45 minutes was up and we removed the cloth. I was like hum my stomach is still there but the skin looked smoother and even felt tighter. Took waist measurements before and afterwards and I lost 2 inches.

Was I impressed, NO, I wanted it ALL gone. When she compared my before and after picture to me I was, heck yeah I want more, let’s do this again, but of course I have to wait 72 hrs before my next treat. Instructions were for me to drink water based on my weight at the time in ozs of water then in 72 hrs I could use another wrap. I repeated these instructions till all 4 were gone.


My personal results have been GREAT!

Want to Know More: CLICK PHOTO NOW!!!




PS: 205lbs. on a 5′ 8″ body frame is quite a bit to be carrying around and that’s what I was in 2014. The Crazy Wrap Thing wasn’t the reason I lost weight down to the 165lbs. I am now. Nor was it the supplements, but what I can say is when I started cutting back on the portions of food I ate. I would take the fat fighters afterwards, due to the fact I hadn’t changed my diet at all, that help get rid of most fat intake. That’s when I started losing. The Crazy Wrap Thing, Greens, and other supplements help keep my skin and body tight, toned, and firm while I continue to eat what ever I want.

What has these products done for us:

  1. Given comfort in my clothes
  2. Confidence in how I feel on the inside
  3. Remove my medications (which was blood pressure and cholesterol )*
  4. Age gracefully to enjoy my life daily
  5. Energy

*Disclaimer: DO NOT do this without your physician’s approval

Why are these products amazing?

It gave HOPE to me again.

Not only have I gotten results I have so many other friends too. There is HOPE of health right here at this link (Check It Out) if you are looking for a change. Only way to find out how amazing the products are is to TRY! If you are not sure where to start then let’s do a phone chat to see how to get you started. Additional product information is at this link.

What I have found in the last 5 years

What I have found in the last 5 years is my strength to be who I was supposed to be as a person. My ability to listen and not speak, give advice when asked, share with others my story of health. See that is all you are doing is sharing this is really a simple way to make money. No hard labor involved. I have customers who believed in me not the product because they did not know much about it yet to really know what to say, so seeing my before and after, and me telling them the experience I was having they enrolled. Some came in as business owners right away and some it took a while because they were still not sure. Stories were and still are being shared today. Check out Stephanie and Joel Dunn they inspire me because of the story they have and how they were introduced to It Works Global.

Do you want to be debt FREE- Heck Yeah tired of paying bills want to be FREE and not worry about the due date or going on a road trip

Do you want to make a difference– Of Course – when my friend told me a story and how a difference could be made by me saying YES to my health means more to me than a $1 Without my health I can’t enjoy the things that life brings. So do you want to feel better inside the body you have or would you rather be sick all the time and have to cancel out on the fun with the family or friends. I don’t think you do.

Do you want to Travel?

Why not see Gods nature with your own eyes and not with a picture. Feel the beach wind brush up against your face, see the trees change colors in the fall of the year, fly to another country to learn in person the culture of how they live daily I could add so much more. You know the vision God has given you in a dream one time but you shut them out thinking it would never happen.

Do you want more friends who are true to you?

Sure you do. This friend is who you can laugh with

Tell her your deepest secret

Cry over whatever it is and know it want leave her month

I have found some of the BEST of The Best friends with It Works. I have stayed at their homes, we have stayed together in hotel rooms for the first time, travel to events together and meeting for the first time. These friends are who I want in my life because I know they want be having drama in their life. Who has time for that? No one!

So are you ready to make choices pay those bills off, travel with me and others or mostly find out who you are supposed to be and not what has been programed into your brain as a child or adult.


Excellence Can Only Be Tweaked So Much…


…Beside That Crazy Wrap Thing (that tightens, tones, & firms in 45 minutes) The Top Two Products For Your Body’s Health Are:

 1) PROBIOTICS, Your digestive system is filled with good and bad bacteria.


Then Cleanse With All You Have


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