September 2

The Missing Link To Having A Positive Mindset And Game Winning Attitude



DanaPlusGreg here just living and loving life to the fullest, we have a question for you:

How’s your positive mindset and attitude working for you, does it seem like it comes then goes without seeing any significant results?

Most likely you’ve left a very crucial element out of the process…

…the trigger!

Just like anything else, you have to have a trigger that activates or puts it into action.

In the Olympics Usain Bolt would have never won the 100-meter gold metal without there being a trigger, ready – set – bang, the sound of the gun shot triggered the start of the race.

A football game never begins before the referee blows the whistle, a boxing match starts with the ring of a bell, a nascar race begins with the sound of words being spoken, “Ladies and Gentlemen Start Your Engines.”

Nearly everything of importance is started with a sound and here’s the kicker…

…there is always a winner!

A positive mindset and attitude are no different.

This is the Law of the Universe.

The world didn’t get better just because God thought, “I wish I had a world. I wish it was all in order.” Nothing happened until God spoke. He declared to the darkness, “Let there be light.”


Beware your trigger works both ways it will also activate the negatives spoken in life as well. 

Proverbs 6:2, “We are snared by the words of our mouth.”

To top it all off here’s what Jesus tells you in Mark 11:23, “Whoever will say to this mountain, be removed, and does not doubt in his heart, he will have whatever he says.”

So you can keep on wishing and thinking with a positive mindset about being successful in life but with little results or you can Unleash the POWER by Declaring Verbally you are Successful!

Then watch the unbelievable miraculous event in your business and life unfold before your very eyes.

To Your Success



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