August 14

Successful Online Business Change – iRobots – the Matrix Which is it?

You want to build a successful online business which is a major life change or continue to be in the ranks of the iRobots or maybe you want to stay in the comfort zone of the Matrix?




What you really need though is a swift kick in the pants to get you going in the right direction but then on the other hand it’s your life and it’s really your choice to whether you succeed or fail.

What I want to share with you right now is a well-documented statistic from U.S. Department of Labor which shows that the average person will hold more than 5 jobs in his or her lifetime and in most cases income will be the sole ruling factor for the career changes.

An individual’s passions or dreams won’t even be considered in the final decision making and that’s really sad that most will spend 20, 30 even 40+ years doing something they really don’t like just to make a buck to survive.



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