5 Proven Steps in Firing Your Boss for The FREEDOM To Do What You Want





proceed with full throttle down…

You must make an effort for this to happen. If you’re giving the excuse I don’t have time to do these things listed below.


Yes you do its called organization, getting up 10 minutes earlier or schedule it into your daily routine with the alarm on your phone to make you accountable to yourself.

Work daily on improving yourself and making your dream a reality.

Take 2 hours a day to apply what you’ve learned and if you have to break it down into 30 minutes or 1 hour then get up a 1 hour earlier or go to bed 1 hour later.

YOUR VISION: Take 10 MINUTES every morning for Meditation & Visualization. Do your thoughts put a burning inside you to make a change?

Sit down and visual what makes you want to fire your boss. In other words this is your Big WHY!

SELF-DEVEOPMENT: 15 minutes grow your mind. Always be learning, growing and becoming the best you can as a person by reading self-help or motivation material daily.  When you do this you are forming skill sets and that passionate business you have will start to grow

LEARN SOMETHING NEW– 1 hour a day learn something new that will lead you closer to your WHY and increase the value of your business. Books, training, tutorials, and audios will make you think bigger than the situation you are in at the moment.

EXECUTION– 1 hour put the knowledge you have developed into action and this will build your audience, business and income.

NETWORKING, Connecting with People Prospecting and Recruiting- 2 hours- This is the MONEY making activity with any business.   It is people who buy your products, services or offers and it’s your job as an online business owner to connect with people who are looking for the benefit of your product. Building relationships is the KEY to Success.

One thing I have found in following these steps myself is how it has affected my mind, body, & spirit. The mindset has to be receiving positive input then the body becomes healthy because of what you are hearing. You start to notice the spirit of your soul is clear and you are listening to the heart & gut of your intuition.

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by Dana B Henderson

danaplusgreg@gmail.com (email)


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