Breaking Free - The Beginning To The End Of Your Problems & Here’s Why”

Finally, a way to overcome stress, worry, and frustration. Plus, you’ll sleep well every night feeling rejuvenated when you wake.

I noticed something very quickly that when I did it, I started getting very extraordinary results in my life especially with my sleeping habits. So here is the thing you need to remember more than anything else to have a calm peaceful life.

The way you see the problem is the problem!

Surprisingly, reigniting your life begins with the way you “see” yourself and the world around you. Not with how you see visually with your sense of sight, but in the way your brain perceives, understands, and interprets everything.

I’m a firm believer if you don’t understand the root cause of a problem you can’t fix the problem.

So, before we get started, I want to introduce you to the root cause of your chaotic thoughts and sleepless nights. It’s how your brain is wired.

So, how does your brain work?

Fact #1 – Your mind does what it thinks you want it to do. In fact, your mind does what you tell it to do.

So, you better start telling your mind extraordinary things. Then guess what? You're going to start having extraordinary experiences.

When we are born and came into this world our brain/mind, had one job to do. Make sure we live a long long life and the only way your brain can make sure you live a long life is by always looking for what causes you pain.

You eat it, and it makes you sick. You'll never eat it again. You touch something that hurts you or burns you, and then you're more careful next time. Your mind is wired to find out what causes its owner pain and makes sure they avoid it at all cost for the rest of their life.

Your brain does what it thinks you want it to do. In fact, your brain does what you tell it to do plain and simple. You tell it to do something and it does it no questions asked Just like in the Military when an officer gives a private an order. If you're not crystal clear in what outcome you are looking for then you leave it up to the brain to guess.


Its guess will be based on what information you have given so far and if that's been all negative dialogue then it'll make the decision based on that. A very risky avenue to take because your life now becomes a Guessing Game.

Fact #2 - Your emotions and feelings come from only two things, pictures and words.

How you make up the pictures in your brain is with the words you use to communicate to yourself.

How you see a problem is not how you see visually with your sense of sight, but in the way your brain perceives, understands, and interprets it. Then it acts on what it thinks you want it to do. So, be incredibly careful and clear with how you dialogue (thoughts & words) with your brain.

Fact #3 - Your brain is hard-wired to move you away from pain and towards pleasure.

So, if the pictures and words the brain is receiving from your dialogue are perceived to be positive towards your life experience then that's what you'll get more of.

It will do whatever it takes to move you away from the pain in your life but if all you think about is negative and all you talk about is the pain (problems and issues) that’s what you get more of. Your brain interprets this as you must love negative/pain because that’s all it hears from you.

Your brain doesn’t know good or bad that’s your soul’s job so if you're thinking process is always negative that’s what you’ll get more of.

Fact #4 - Your brain loves what is familiar and hates what is unfamiliar.

This is why habits are so hard to break. If you have made the habit of speaking negatively about your health, work, relationships, or finances this has become familiar to the brain and it will make the change from this negativity extremely hard.

So, having productive self-talk with yourself concerning your life experience is now unfamiliar. You have to start communicating positively concerning these areas in your life to move forward in a positive manner.

Remember this, you must make the familiar negative thoughts that are presently going on in your mind unfamiliar and make the now unfamiliar positive thoughts familiar.

Summary – Believe it or not you are at war.

But this is not a physical war it is a Spiritual one. You are in Spiritual Warfare plain and simple and the battlefield is your mind. Your thoughts and thinking process is where the enemy, the devil, is attacking you.

How you see a problem is the problem because you don’t see the problem visually with your sense of sight, but you see the problem in the way your brain perceives it, understands it, and interprets it.

All this interpretation that the brain comes up with is based off your beliefs that are stored away deep in the subconscious mind.

In all reality, your problems are based off how you believe the world around you is to be and how you believe you are as an individual.

Repetitive action creates habits, habits create your beliefs, and your belief create the person that you are.

So, if you want a better life without stress, anxiety, uncertainty, and all the other issues you face you better start talking to your brain in a more positive dialogue and start creating more positive habits and beliefs about yourself.

In fact, don’t just talk to your brain command your brain. Give it orders. Your brain must do what you tell it to do and here’s the proof. Go to Video -

All this that we have discussed here is scientifically proven fact concerning the brain and mind but there is one crucial ingredient left out of the world’s wisdom.

GOD, He is the Creator of everything and is in control! 

Now that we have a little understanding of how the brain is wired let's look at how we are able to stop our thoughts and make it possible to think about the situation before acting. By stoping our thought process we are able to make positive decisions with a clarity rather than just spontanious reactions.

Click the link below for Breaking Free Lesson #2 


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