7 Tips to Reach Your Vision by Creating a Powerful Brand With Personal Skill Sets


Or is your vision just a wish or hope that is here one minute and gone the next?

You have a Primary thought which dominates plus controls you, What!

Who is this Dominating Beastly Brute Bossing you around? Where does it call home but more importantly what are its specific intentions for your life?

It’s your subconscious and it’s very easy to determine its motives. Just try stepping out of your comfort zone (the Junk Yard of Your Mind where Dead Dreams Reside) to grow and mature.

What happens, immediately subconscious signals start bombarding your brain with every conceivable reason you CAN’T change or improve?

The subconscious is very sneaky it uses Fear of the Unknown to keep you in check and under control. This one emotion has stop and will continue to stop you dead in your tracks from reaching your dreams or seeing your visons fulfilled, period!

The answer to conquering this brute is every time it says you can’t acknowledge it for what it truly is. A false illusion being played like a video in your head. Turn the bloody thing OFF.


Now embrace your Vision with Core Values of: Learning, Integrity, Diversity, Cooperation, Excellence, and Accountability.

Start taking ACTION!

Growth Thinking – Utilizing innovative and creative approaches in order to foster an atmosphere of learning, service, and growth, I will…

  • embrace change by being flexible, positive, proactive, and resourceful.
  • take the initiative to find solutions.
  • demonstrate teamwork by working with others to achieve the common goal of providing quality service in a positive and effective manner.
  •  listen actively; be responsive and receptive share information appropriately.
  • provide exceptional service with a pleasant demeanor showing empathy, kindness, and sincerity.
  • take responsibility to know and apply policies, resources, processes, and systems to better serve my customers.
  • take ownership of all my actions.

You are a special one of a kind individual, your Fingerprints, DNA, and Brainwave Pattern All verify this. No one else on this planet is like you. Now believe me when I say, you possess the power to create the business, life, or whatever you want. It all comes down to who’s in control.

Who’s controlling your life you or all the negative memories stored in your subconscious mind that can be conquered.

Will it be easy, NO! Will it be Rewarding, YES, beyond your expectations!

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